Volunteers and partners

Since the founding of ELI in 1982 and throughout, the association has been assisted by partners who help it operate the highest quality frameworks and programs for blind and visually impaired toddlers across the country.

Elia raises about 30% of its current budget from funds, business companies and private donors in Israel and abroad. The rest of the budget is received by the association from government ministries, according to the Rehabilitation Dwellings Law.

How can I volunteer for ELI?

Looking to volunteer? Elia is just for you, you can join one of the five volunteer branches. Leave details – Here
Are you looking for volunteering as a whole department in the company? Or as a group? Elia is exactly your place! In the activities we hold throughout the year, we are assisted & nbsp; by groups of volunteers for peak events or regular weekly volunteering It is an opportunity for formation, experience and joint volunteering. Leave details – Here
So there’s a good chance this is your place to fit in! During the year we need different and diverse professionals like electricians, computer technicians, marketers, photographers, musicians, tutors and more. Do you have a profession and you want to help? This is exactly the place for you. Leave details – Here

Business Companies Assisting Elia:

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