Helping them improve their vision function, but also difficulties arising from disabilities.
ELI children face physical and emotional challenges that are often a byproduct of vision.

יVega that belongs to the world of body and mind deals with both.

In yoga classes the children enjoy moving the body and practicing different (and weird) poses, they also work on breathing and relaxation. The connection between all these elements helps them to get to know their body and abilities.

The caregiver helps and encourages them to enjoy everything they are able to do and gradually they learn to trust themselves and their body.

A child whose vision is limited, or does not exist at all, cannot mimic the poses presented by the caregiver, so most of the activity is individual. However, children sometimes enjoy yoga classes as a group.

The practice itself is tailored to each child according to his abilities and needs, and allows him to gradually improve these abilities.

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Our aim at ELIYA is to help children to improve their visual acuity as much as possible, but also to help them to deal with the difficulties ensuing from their disability. At ELIYA we teach our children to learn to deal with the physical and emotional challenges that often accompany their visual impairment. One way that we achieve this is through providing them with Yoga classes, since Yoga is a discipline that combines physical as well as emotional benefits.

In our Yoga classes, our children learn the various physical exercises and how to breathe and relax. The combination of these techniques helps them to “get acquainted” with their bodies and their abilities. The instructor helps them to deal with and to enjoy whatever they manage to achieve and gradually the children gain confidence in themselves and their bodies. A child with visual impairment or who is blind, is unable to imitate or copy the teacher’s movements, therefore most of the classes are given on an individual basis until he/she has mastered the technique, and then eventually the children come to enjoy Yoga within the group.

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