Puppet theater

The child’s natural language is play and creation (the language of images) and his world of imagination is rich and active. At a stage when the child has difficulty verbally expressing his feelings, the “products” speak for him.
The theater presents children with imaginative and inspiring stories. At the end of the play, the children are invited to a discussion and experiment. Puppet theater is a multi-sensory therapy that tries to mediate between the outside world and the child.
The activity is accompanied by a large doll – the size of a two-year-old child, which is the number. The activity is around a defined theme. During the activity, the operator tries to illustrate to the children things and events from everyday life, such as seasons, holidays, etc. As part of the activity, an accessory is brought through which the child can sense in senses that are not the sense of sight what a tree is.
The operator works with the kindergarten staff to adapt the subject of learning to the individual needs of each child. In addition, as far as possible, integrated lighting accessories to make them and the activity in general especially accessible to children with visual impairments. The treatment is accompanied by music, sounds (for example rain) or the use of the sense of taste and smell.
The activity aims to create an alternative path of expression for the child while encouraging taking an active part in a way that does not highlight his distress.

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