Hydrotherapy is a rehabilitative water treatment that addresses the difficulty in physical functioning that sometimes exists in ELI children. The treatment uses water properties such as buoyancy, resistance, hydrostatic pressure, currents and heat conduction in order to improve motor abilities and provide children with feedback and sensory stimulation.
The water allows for multi-sensory feedback, they have taste and smell, sound and feel and they help children get to know their body – its limits and its abilities. For a child who does not see, and has not seen his body, it is sometimes difficult to know what are the physical boundaries of the body in relation to space, in water it is very clear. A child who moves his hands when he is in the water, hears a sound and feels in his hand the feeling of movement in the water. These are examples of the power of water therapy for a child who does not see.
Water not only helps the child understand his body but also helps him improve skills that are more difficult to practice out of the water. Skills like walking and posture. The goal is, of course, that after the child learns these skills in the water, his muscles will strengthen a little and he will be able to start practicing this out of the water as well.
The hydrotherapy treatment is carried out individually or in groups depending on the child’s individual curriculum. In the group, the children can also practice social connections. For example, playing ball, when one of the children throws a ball in the water, a sound is heard where the ball has landed, there is a splash of water and unlike the ground the ball does not roll to another place. This way the children can work on social connections, on physical abilities and also have fun.
Who would not want to go to the pool in the middle of the day? Kids love to go to the pool. However there are children, who at first are a little apprehensive about the water and with them we work first on enjoying the water. Finally everyone is blown away by the charm of the pool, but we came to work …. ☺

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