Family vacation

For families with children with special needs, and in particular families with children with visual impairments, summer vacation planning is done differently from other families.

In addition to the “usual” technical details of choosing a resort, planning trips and attractions in the area, and adjusting the trip to the family budget, families with visually impaired children need to find the right balance between caring for the child’s needs and enjoyment and experience. The enjoyment of the whole family.

   Elia is aware of the need for a relaxing and cohesive vacation, which is why it organizes and funds a four-day family vacation each year, which is attended by about 15 families whose children are blind or visually impaired, aged four to fifteen.

While the seeing child perceives various phenomena in nature such as trees, streams and deserts through the sense of sight, blind children need a different sensory experience, built on touch, hearing and body sensations. The ELI team plans the trip together with experts on nature trips, and combines a variety of outdoor activities full of experiences for the blind child. The ELI family vacation combines special nature activities, with an experiential and enjoyable vacation for the whole family.
   Each blind or visually impaired child is accompanied by a volunteer who helps him throughout the vacation. Thanks to this, parents are free to spend time with all their children equally. Parents and children alike are looking forward to spending time together with other families facing similar challenges and experiences, a meeting that creates opportunities for support and reinforcement.
Elia’s annual vacation has gained a great reputation, and many families return and participate in it every year.
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