Activities of the “Challenges” Association

The visual system is the most complex and significant sensory system for a person from the day of birth and has broad implications for all areas of development and function. The ability to focus, look at information from the immediate environment and distinguish between character and background, for example, affect the baby’s ability to develop independence and mobility, eye contact with a close person affects his communication and social abilities.
Children with significant visual impairments also have difficulty achieving developmental milestones in the motor field (head control, rolling and sitting independently, walking and mobility) that are essential for understanding and perceiving the environment, developing play and exploration ability, imitation and other fine social skills.
Activities with the instructors of the Challenges Association allows children to experience challenging activities (climbing, surfing, riding) accompanied by instructors, to improve motor ability, and social skills (mutual help, cooperation).
The activity strengthens and develops motor ability and refinement of equilibrium responses using adapted accessories.
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