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אLIA is the only organization in Israel that operates rehabilitative day care centers, which treats and promotes children with blindness or visual impairment at crucial ages in their lives, from the age of six months to the age of six.

There is no substitute for early intervention provided by In these years when the child is learning, growing and shaping. A professional team works with the children in order to improve the use of the remnants of vision, if any, and make them functional. Therefore, therapeutic intervention, treatment and guidance from the first year of life of the child with visual impairment or with blindness is critical and valuable. We are proud to announce that 80% of the children of Elia Bar-Shilov have started the last school year in the regular education system.

Elia, founded in 1982, currently cares for over 145 children in five centers and accepts children regardless of religion and race:

The basis for our work is the deep understanding that vision affects all areas of development, it is the organizing sense that pushes us to connect with the environment, stimulates curiosity and through it we perceive and understand the world. Vision affects motor, cognitive and behavioral ability, severity of the visual impairment and its character, are the important factors in the effect of visual impairment on development.

Elia’s professional experience and achievements are recognized and valued around the world. A variety of services including diagnosis, treatment, support and rehabilitation characterized by adherence to high professional standards are provided by the best professionals while constantly learning innovations in the field.

Landmarks in the association

Elia was founded by a group of parents of blind children and Batya Sharaf, a kindergarten teacher who joined the dream
Establishment of the permanent structure in Petah Tikva, the first and unique adapted structure in the country for blind and visually impaired children in early childhood
The alumni camp is underway
Opening of the branch in Jerusalem
Michael Segal, CEO of Elia, receives the Medal of Grace from the Izzy Shapira Association
An integration plan is underway
Opening another class in Petah Tikva
Opening of the Rehovot branch

Construction of a permanent structure The new Be'er Sheva branch

Foundation of the Mary Bendt program for professional innovation
Construction of a permanent structure in the village of Maccabi
Opening the program for children with developmental disabilities
The family vacation is underway
Opening of the branch in Be'er Sheva
Opening of the hydrotherapy pool in the Petah Tikva building, intended for the children of Elia and all the children in the area
Michael Segal, the association's director general, receives the volunteer award from the president
A program of rehabilitation teachers across the country is underway
Establishment of a permanent structure for the Jerusalem branch / A visual practitioner course is underway
Opening a North branch

Recruitment of a professional director, Prof. Kent Kozlo
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