Mediation and learning at home

By Sarit Levy , National Vision Instructor at ELI Vision affects all areas of development. It is the organizing sense that pushes us to connect with the environment, stimulates curiosity and through it we perceive and understand the world. Many knowledge and abilities are learned from the context, and development in a variety of fields […]

See life anew

By Heli Ben Elisha, a teacher at Elia When our poetry, already 13 years old, is sitting in class, she will not be able to read from the board, even if she gets close to the first line. She has difficulty seeing small details, and from a distance of two meters she sees almost nothing. […]

Dark to light – Improving visual function in children with visual impairments

By Sarit Levy, National Vision Instructor at Elia. How do children with visual impairments help to improve their vision skills even when there are few visual impairments and why is this so important? Get to know the darkroom – the therapeutic tool for improving the function of vision that contains great light. There are children […]