Animal-assisted care

Emotional therapy with the help of animals is a rehabilitative-therapeutic field that aims to achieve emotional, functional and interpersonal goals through the relationship that the patient creates with the animal in the therapeutic framework. Emotional therapy with the help of animals is carried out in most cases as a structured intervention that includes treatment, work […]

Vision Instructor

ELI is a rehabilitative framework that specializes in the field of vision. To give children the best care we can, it is important to us that for every boy and girl there will be a person with experience and knowledge who will coordinate the visual issue and this is the vision instructor. In this way, […]


The use of bicycles as a therapeutic tool for children with disabilities Cycling has health and social benefits for the entire population: Cycling is an aerobic exercise, which works on large muscle groups and is an accessible tool from childhood to old age. Riding can be practiced outdoors, at home and on exercise bikes. Cycling […]

Puppet theater

The child’s natural language is play and creation (the language of images) and his world of imagination is rich and active. At a stage when the child has difficulty verbally expressing his feelings, the “products” speak for him. The theater presents children with imaginative and inspiring stories. At the end of the play, the children […]

Support projects

Projects funded through donations: Preservation and restoration of visual functionTreatment in a suitable environment and dark roomsReady for BrailleArt therapypuppet TheaterHydrotherapyTherapeutic RidingShiatsu, יVega and his pulpיMusic therapyRhythm musicanimal CareParent-infant programAlumni campFamily vacationEvaluation and training programActivities of the Challenges Association To donate for the activity click here

Brotherhood meetings

Gan Elia opens its gates not only to the children being treated, but also to all their families. One of the activities dedicated to the family is sibling meetings (brothers and sisters). In these meetings they are invited to spend a day in the garden. The meetings have several goals, among them – bringing the […]

art therapy

Art therapy is based on the assumption that the process of creating art makes it possible to communicate without words and express thoughts and feelings. As in psychotherapy the goal is to enable understanding and growth of the self. The assumption underlying the treatment is that each individual is able to express himself creatively, and […]

Parents and babies

Parent-infant program Background The parents ‘and infants’ program at ELI began many years ago with the aim of meeting the need for early intervention among infants under the age of one with visual impairments, and sometimes also with developmental delays. Of a year or less, had difficulty integrating into the daycare center. Some were still […]