Guide Dogs

Joint Activity with Beit Yed employee – The Israeli Guide Dogs Center A guide dog is one of the means that allows the blind person mobility outside his home and is considered an effective and safe means that provides quick and safe movement. The use of guide dogs began in World War I and has […]

Sibling Meetings

Gan Elia opens its doors not only to the children being cared for, but also to all their families. One of the activities devoted to the family is brothers and sisters meetings. At these meetings they are invited to spend a day in the garden. The meetings have several objectives, among them the approximation of […]

Snozlan (2008)

[:il]The Snozlan is a treatment room. The room has mattresses, lights, sensations and sounds. Through multisensory stimulation adapted to the desire, need and ability of each child it is possible to influence different areas of development. The treatment of snozlan helps increase attention and concentration, encourage communication, improve movement, regulate sensory and more. A multisensory […]

Occupational therapy

Occupational Therapy among Blind and Visually Impaired Children The occupational therapy profession helps children with physical, developmental or behavioral disabilities achieve a greater ability to perform meaningful activities of daily life. The purpose of occupational therapy is to help the child function as independently as possible in three main areas, which take up most of […]

Art therapy

Art therapy is based on the assumption that the process of creating art allows to communicate without words and express thoughts and emotions. As in psychotherapy the goal is to enable understanding and growth of the self. The assumption underlying the treatment is that each individual is able to express himself creatively, and that the […]

Animal-Assisted Treatment

Emotional therapy with the help of animals is a therapeutic rehabilitation field aimed at achieving emotional, functional and inter-personal goals through the patient's relationship with the animal in the therapeutic framework. Emotional treatment with the help of animals is carried out in most cases as a built-in intervention that includes treatment, work and contact with […]

Motor development and orientation and mobility in space

Sensory awareness is the foundation for the absorption and understanding of our world. Proper vision allows the child to absorb and understand with a glance, where he is in relation to space, to efficiently and quickly scan the near and far environment to see the destination point and plan the route to it. In a […]

Massage and Shiatshu

Massage Touch is an essential need of the person, and is equivalent to the need for food and breathing. Through contact the baby experiences all the emotions and thoughts of the person touching him. When the child feels a touch that is unpleasant to him, he disapproves of him, while a touch that is pleasant […]

Activities of Challenges Association

The visual system is the most complex and significant sensory system for the person from the day he was born and has broad implications for all areas of development and functioning. The ability to focus a gaze, receive information from the immediate environment and distinguish between a figure and background, for example, affect the baby's […]


Hydrotherapy is a rehabilitation treatment in water that addresses the difficulty in the physical functioning that sometimes exists in the children of Elia. The treatment uses water properties such as buoyancy, resistance, hydrostatic pressure, currents and heat-walking to improve motor abilities and give children feedback and sensory stimulation. The water allows multisensory feedback, it has […]