Use the AALI's Gaze Focus System

A gaze focus system is a system that allows you to control the operation of a computer and its applications by focusing the user's gaze and transmitting it across the computer screen. In order to absorb the focus of the gaze, a camera is installed under the computer screen that absorbs the user's eyes and […]

Visual practitioners

Improving vision function begins with the use of basic vision skills: focusing on the gaze, monitoring, scanning,….. These skills are so natural to most of us that we don't have to learn them. The visual practitioner helps the child learn the skills for which they are instinctive. With games, children learn the skills and practice […]


[:il]Our goal at THEA is to help the children. Help them improve their vision function, but also difficulties arising from disability. Elia's children face physical and emotional challenges that are often a byproduct of vision. Yoga that belongs to the world of body and mind deals with both. In yoga classes the children enjoy moving […]

Visual instructor

Elia is a rehabilitation framework specializing in the field of vision. In order to give the children the best care we can, it is important to us that for each child there will be a person with experience and knowledge who will concentrate the visual issue and this is the visual guide. The visual instructor […]

Puppet Theater

The child's natural language is the game and creativity (the language of images) and his world of imagination is rich and active. At a stage when the child has difficulty verbally expressing his feelings, the "products" speak for him. The theater presents children with imaginative and inspiring stories. At the end of the play, the […]

Support Projects

Projects funded through donations: Preservation and restoration of vision function Treatment of adapted environments and darkrooms Ready for Braille Art therapy Puppet Theater hydrotherapy Therapeutic riding Shiazzo, Yoga and Massage Music therapy Rhythmics Animal care Parents and Babies Program Alumni Camp Family Vacation Evaluation and training program Activities of The Challenges Association To donate for […]

Ready for Braille

[:il]A child with normal vision meets letters and writes many times in everyday life, long before he learns to read and write, and the environment encourages his curiosity: "What does it say?" . On the other hand, a child with blindness/ with visual impairment does not receive this information. For the child with blindness, an […]


A darkroom, as its name is, allows for an environment devoid of external stimuli, such as light, color, movement, noise and regulation according to the needs of each child. Working in this room is one of the means designed to help the child preserve the remains of his vision and make the most of them. […]


Use of bicycles as a therapeutic tool for children with disabilities Cycling has health and social benefits for the general population: Riding is an aerobic exercise that operates on large muscle groups and is an accessible tool from childhood to old age. Riding can be practiced outdoors, at home and on exercise bikes. Riding has […]