Vacation Schedule

Daycare Vacations Calendar – 2020-2021 Time (resched Days Gregorian date Hebrew date Comments Rosh Hashanah Friday-Sunday 18.09.20-20.09.20 29 Elul-B Tishrei   Yom Kippur Eve Sunday-Monday 27.09.20-28.09.20 9 Tishrei- Y. Tishrei   Eve of Sukkot Sukkot M.I.A. A. Simhon Torah Simhon Torah Friday Sabbath fifth Friday Sabbath 02.10.20 03.10.20 08.10.20 09.10.20 10.10.20 Yad Tishrei Tu Tishrei […]

Elia Centers

The ALY has 5 regional centers in Petah Tikva, Beersheba, Jerusalem, Rehovot and Haifa. Each of these centers operates rehabilitation daily frameworks in which the children study six days a week. In addition, the centers operate programs and activities for children with blindness or visual impairments and their families. The centers are a source of […]