Visual practitioners

Improving vision function begins with the use of basic vision skills: focusing on the gaze, monitoring, scanning,…..
These skills are so natural to most of us that we don't have to learn them. The visual practitioner helps the child learn the skills for which they are instinctive. With games, children learn the skills and practice them over and over again. The practice of vision is mostly carried out in a darkroom which is a dark environment and free of external stimuli, in this way the practitioner and the children can focus on each of the skills separately.
The visual practitioners underwent an internal course in the ALIA that trained them to perform this function. The practitioners work with the children several times a week, individually and/or grouply.
The practice of vision is an important part of each child's personal curriculum, it is done according to the disability and the personal needs of the child. The children of Elia, like every child, surprise us sometimes, there are things that they learn especially quickly and in other things they need more practice. The practitioners are attentive to the children's needs, their progress, and report to the association's chief visual instructor any changes that require us to make adjustments to the personal curriculum.
Practitioners continue to undergo regular training throughout the year and we make sure that they are familiar with every innovation and progress in the field to ensure that the children receive the most appropriate and best treatment that we can give them.

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