Visual instructor

Elia is a rehabilitation framework specializing in the field of vision. In order to give the children the best care we can, it is important to us that for each child there will be a person with experience and knowledge who will concentrate the visual issue and this is the visual guide. The visual instructor is responsible for the connection between the various experts who treat the child. In this way, it formulates all the treatments that the child receives into one complete program that will allow him to improve his visual function. In addition, turning all the different treatments into one program allows all the different treatments to work together and at the same time. Thus, visual treatments can help the child promote additional areas of his life that are affected by vision, at the same time during those treatments to contribute to the work done directly in the field of vision.
So what does that actually mean?
For example, a child who in a darkroom has learned to follow an object in his eyes and point at him with his hand, can work on the skill of hand-eye contact even in the garden. The kindergarten teacher can encourage him to point out what he is interested in, in doing so that he will also practice the new skill he acquired in the framework of visual practice and also his ability to communication– he will be able to express himself better. The physiotherapist can teach the child to start moving towards the object he is interested in, thus improved his mobility. The speech clinician can teach him about the things he's interested in. So, even with the other professionals. In the end, the child repeatedly practices a skill related to the field of vision and uses it to improve other areas of his life.
The Vision Guide is an important partner in building the personal curriculum for each child. Every child who comes to the ALY is different and special and we build him a personal curriculum that is precisely suited to his needs and abilities. This program is updated repeatedly to ensure that the program grows and continues to develop with the child.
In addition, the visual instructor is in regular contact with the professional director of the ELIA and provides teams in the field with the latest innovations in the field. It is her responsibility to teach the teams to make use of these innovations in their daily work with the children.
We have been around for over 40 years, during these years we have accumulated a lot of knowledge and experience, developed practices that our experience proves they achieve the best results. The visual instructor is responsible for teaching the teams on the ground what generations of IAA professionals have successfully tried. Just as importantly, it is responsible for learning from the teams on the ground and from their experience new things and passing them on to the professionals in other branches.
Visual instructor is a key role in our professional system.

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