Sibling Meetings

Gan Elia opens its doors not only to the children being cared for, but also to all their families.
One of the activities devoted to the family is brothers and sisters meetings.
At these meetings they are invited to spend a day in the garden.

The meetings have several objectives, among them the approximation of the brothers to the brother's "special garden", and the creation of a group with a common denominator, a reference group that does not exist for the brothers in daily life.
Each year, the contents of the sessions are determined according to the composition of the children. In order to adapt interesting and challenging activities to a selected age group, brothers and sisters are selected in a similar age range. The activity takes place on vacation days of the Ministry of Education, when the kindergarten is active but the siblings are free from school.
During the day, the siblings participate in experiential activities as a group, and in an experiential joint activity with the brother/sister in the garden. The sessions are hosted by a social worker.
The brothers and sisters' meetings receive a great deal of responsiveness from the brothers, and cooperation from the parents. The feedback received at the end of each session is very positive, both on the content of the activities and on achieving the goal.

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