Massage and Shiatshu

Touch is an essential need of the person, and is equivalent to the need for food and breathing. Through contact the baby experiences all the emotions and thoughts of the person touching him. When the child feels a touch that is unpleasant to him, he disapproves of him, while a touch that is pleasant to him causes him positive feelings. When this need is not met, when the contact is insufficient and correct, the child develops deprivation, which has many negative consequences.
The need for touch is essential for the child's mental development and the development of his perception of space. As human beings, we learn first about our bodies, and then about our environment. Any injury to the sensations of the skin directly impairs the person's inner spatial perception.

The purposes of the massage treatment for the children of Elia: 
• Satisfying the need for contact
• Understanding the limits of the body through the experience
• Stimulation and development of the space perception system, built from the person's inner and outer spaces
• Development of the child's physical communication with himself
• Trusting another.
In the contact treatments in the ALIA, the type of contact is adjusted for each child. The massage is given by the nannies in a pleasant atmosphere with relaxing music and maximum attention.


"The heart of the Sicsu is the heart of a mother" Namikoshi
The Yisu is a contact therapy method based on the principles of Chinese medicine. It is a touch treatment that combines pressures, movements and stretches throughout the body. The touch is a deep and usually slow touch, and therefore reaches deeper carpets than daily contact, which is also invaluable in value.
The siazzo releases physical and energy blockages in the body, and strengthens the child mainly on the emotional level, since it contributes to strengthening the child's self-confidence and improving his cognitive level (concentration, learning, memory).
In most cases the children love the treatments of the siazzo very much, and are calmer during and after treatment, since it is a time when all the attention is devoted only to them, a time of detachment from the surroundings, and the directing of energies to inner focus, a time of pampering and refreshment.
In the treatments of the Sheatsu in the ALY, emphasis is placed on trusting another, receiving contact, complying with the instructions and of course knowing the body and its limits in relation to the overall space.
As a caregiver who has worked with the children of the association since 1998, I really enjoy working with the children, and the children know how to express their pleasure back, each in their own way.

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