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Alumni Camp

Many of the graduates of the Elite and their visually impaired friends throughout the country are integrated into regular classes in the education system throughout the year, and they face a problem with the arrival of summer: the summer camps that provide activities in July to hundreds of thousands of children throughout Israel. They do not offer a suitable solution for the special needs of the blind and visually impaired children, so elia has established summer camps for graduates aged 5-12 years.

The summer camps are intended for children with special needs who are graduates of Elia.
In adult camps, naturally, the activity is slightly different from the daily activities that take place in the 1970s.
In the special alumni camp, we emphasize personal learning and development, alongside the development of social skills and joint group activities.

Alongside special experiences such as engaging in challenge sports, going out to various facilities and more, the camp combines activities that are beloved by each child, which have added value to the blind child. Activity in the pool or at sea enjoys pleasure, while at the same time improving movement and skills, and gives graduates of the A.I.A. water security. The shared cooking experience allows children a controlled experience in the kitchen, and at the end – eating the produce. As part of the camp, the children go on walks in the countryside, engage in music, art and creativity, and no less important – meet with children who face challenges and difficulties similar to theirs.

The camp is held in July. Elia's regular professional team is reinforced by volunteer personnel and youth, enabling maximum security when embarking on "adventures".

Registration takes place annually in the first half of June. To register for the camp you can contact Iris Younis, 03-9336840 Ext. 108

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