[:il]Over time, the child grows and develops, his needs and abilities develop and change, so that every time, we will adapt the child’s needs and activity with the developmental stage in which he is in.
For a complete brochure and recommendations for adapted games, download the file: Development of games and games that are adapted for children (preschool children) with visual impairment or blindness.
In this booklet, we will discuss the stages of game development, questions about the needs that games meet, and what are their contribution to child development,
Kinds of toys recommended for children and infants with visual impairment or blindness.
Its importance to the child or child with a visual impairment, and how we, parents and professionals can help them get the most out of fun and learning from games.
Puzzles and shapes matching games
It is important to choose a puzzle intended for children with visual impairments, color, adjust the size, in the outline of the shaded figure, it rests on the attached handle and tries to hold it in place.The different shapes spread over a large area, which requires the child to wipe more space on both sides [:)

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