Stories of the Eliya Team

Zohar Rubin

My name is Zohar Rubin and I am an assistant in the nursery group and the baby group at the Elia branch in Jerusalem. I am hard-sighted and immigrated to Israel from Argentina.
I first came to Israel in 2007 and joined the kindergarten staff as a volunteer. I was warmly welcomed by the staff and over time I joined to work as a full-time assistant. A year later I immigrated to Israel and I see my future here in Israel. I have realized that Israeli society respects the people with the vision and I am optimistic about my ability to learn and develop in Israel in the future.
In my role as an assistant, I can help children in kindergarten who have a similar disability to mine. This work gives me great satisfaction and pleasure. Working in the baby group, I have the opportunity to strengthen the mothers who are at the beginning of their careers and to be a model for the possibility
To succeed and function despite the vision. In my conversations with the parents, I emphasize the importance of providing the sense of security and independence that they must provide to their children so that they can cope independently in the future with the challenges ahead.
I am happy to live in Israel and be part of the Elia family.

Sula Alloush – Cook

She immigrated from Morocco in 1969 with five precious daughters, three grandchildren and a fourth child on the way.
The affair with Elia began 12 years ago (with the opening of the Be'er She'a branch).
"When I entered the children were asleep, different chairs and fittings were scattered throughout the room, I felt a twinge in my heart, they touched my heart." Sula broke her promise to herself not to do cooking and kitchen businesses but was captivated by their charm "I felt like I wanted to cook for them, my great satisfaction in seeing them have fun and getting better"
'Since then I feel like this is my second home, my fun is in my contribution to the place.'

Shorten the sheet and the words are meager than describing our kit a lot to Sula's work. The heart of the garden is the kitchen and not only because it provides healthy, nutritious and pampering food made out of a dedication to great love for everyone but because Sula's warm and soft personality touches us all.
If you wish, a good meal for Fridays and Saturdays, Sula will always know how to offer recipes that your guests will come out admiring from a meal you have prepared. Parents of children call to ask about a recipe that the child particularly liked.
You were looking for a needle, a battery, handcuffs, a flashlight, a paracetamol ball, a heated pillow for a busy back.
A saying that is in her mouth and we are so confident when asking for something from shalula, she replies: "10 shekels", "Sula in the field do not be in tension".
Dear Sula we love and cherish you and your work, years of health and comfort from those around you.

The Story of Sharon, Naomi's Daughter – Kindergarten Teacher in Petah Tikva

Naomi, a kindergarten teacher in Petah Tikva, had a daughter with hearing impairment.
This is a story about coping with difficulties and optimism!
For the full story, on a slug website

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