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Circle for Good is a nonprofit organization that enables each person to donate tiny sums as part of his daily routine through an automated, efficient and innovative mechanism. When joining the circle for the better, any purchase on the credit card (for a non-round amount) can be rounded to the nearest shekel and the fees that will be rounded will be donated in full to nonprofits and organizations according to the donor's choice.

All the nonprofits that are available for the donor's choice have been carefully selected and filtered by a public committee headed by former Chief Justice Meir Shamgar. This ensures that donations are fully reached by organizations that provide maximum social benefit alongside transparency to the public and proper and effective conduct. The selected associations are divided into 10 different areas of activity, such as children and youth at risk, the environment, women, etc.
Circle for Good was founded in 2008 by Orni Petrushka, Yaakov Burke and Joshua Agassi, with the aim of allowing the general public to transfer tiny donations to worthy causes. The organization is part of an international initiative called Round-up and has been chosen as the pioneering organization in the world, joined by other countries.
100% of the money goes to donations (no fees, interest, etc.).
The average contribution per month to the donor is about 4 NIS.
All the nonprofits on the list have been tested and selected through a rigorous screening process.
Registration can be changed/canceled at any time.
Each month, the credit breakdown detail will be indicated in the amount of the donation and its objectives.

For the Eliah page on the Circle for Good website click here

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