Elia Centers

The ALY has 5 regional centers in Petah Tikva, Beersheba, Jerusalem, Rehovot and Haifa.
Each of these centers operates rehabilitation daily frameworks in which the children study six days a week.
In addition, the centers operate programs and activities for children with blindness or visual impairments and their families.
The centers are a source of information and support for the issues in which we operate.
Please, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to hear from you:
entral Branch – Petah Tikva
Address: 3 Lavon St. Petah Tikva
Phone: 03-9336840 Extension 2
Fax: 03-9336837
Branch Attorney:
Sara Sarab@eliya.org.il Hagit hagit@eliya.org.il
Branch Manager: Kedem Nathan

Email address: kadem@eliya.org.il
outhern Branch – Beer Sheva
Address: 4 Amos Yarkoni Street,
Phone: 6270971- 08, 6233460- 08
Fax: 08-6270671
Branch Attorney: Inbar Inbarn@eliya.org.il
Branch Manager: Yi Ben Shimol

Email address: ganbeersheva@
usalem Branch
Address: 3 Ma'aleh Ze'ev St., Jerusalem 96440
Phone: 02-5639164
Fax: 02-5639162
Branch Attorney: Reut reut@eliya.org.il
Branch Manager: To be good for Lerner

Email address: tova@eliya.org.il
Rehovot Branch
Address: 2 Drink St., 93594 blocks
Phone: 08-9408201
Fax: 03-9336837
Branch Attorney: Ganit Socialrehovot@eliya.org.il
Branch Manager: Anna Shiner

Email address: anna@eliya.org.il
Kibbutz Kfar Macc
abi Branch
Phone: 04-8602731
Fax: 04-8602731
Branch Manager: Avivit Zinman 
Email address: avivit@eliya.org.il

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